“Sex without a condom”

Hi, I have a question about HIV. I had sex three times with three different girls without using a condom. Can you please advise me whether I have any chances of HIV infection or not? Also, can you send me details of HIV test centres in Pune with their fees? Thank you!


Thank you for trusting me with your question. If you had sex without a condom, you could definitely be at risk for HIV and I highly recommend that you get tested. Testing is available for free at our office (13 Tadiwala Rd), at NARI (National AIDS Research Institute), and at a number of other centres around the city. A list is available at: https://www.wakeuppune.org/site/index.php/HIV-testing-centres-in-pune. Testing is confidential and includes pre- and post-counseling if needed. Remember to get tested again until up to three months after the last time you had unprotected sex since antibodies can sometimes take up to three months to show up on the test. I hope that you will get tested soon and that you will use a condom in the future to protect yourself and others. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with!

Kind regards, Dr. Punewali

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