“Red rash on penis”

Hi, I have some small red dots on the tip of my penis. Sometimes it is itchy. It has been there almost one year. Before that, I had had sex with my girlfriend only once (6 months prior) and we had used a condom at that time. Please help me-what should I do? I don’t have HIV or syphilis- I got tested for these after 6 months and results were negative. Please help me, I am feeling embarrassed.



Thank you for trusting me with your question. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about this, though if you’ve had this problem for almost a year, you definitely should seek medical advice. I am glad to hear that you used a condom while having sex–a condom does protect you from HIV and many other STI’s, but there are some STI’s that can infect areas unprotected by condoms and that therefore can spread even when using a condom. Genital herpes and crabs are examples of these. It is also possible that you have a fungal infection. I would recommend visiting an STI clinic to find out what is causing this rash–likely a cream or antibiotic will help it to go away. Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

All the best, Dr. Punewali

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