HIV transmission from a shared test tube?

Hello sir/mam,

I once worked for the Indian Red Cross Society under which we conducted many blood donation camps in colleges. In  the camp, blood  HB level tests were done for ladies before blood donation. I also went through the test. The event which I fear is; the nurse  who was doing the test pricked my finger and  kept my finger with a blood drop on the tip of the test tube and tested my hb level . She used the same test tube for most of the people who stood before me for the test.  She wiped the test tube  with cotton dipped in some solution. I fear that if the person before me was hiv infected, is there any possibility for me to get hiv infection? The place where i kept my finger on test tube there was no blood. Please clarify my doubt? Could I be infected?

Thank you for trusting me with your question.
Unless your open wound came into contact with the blood of the previous person, then the likelihood of you contracting HIV in this manner is very slim, especially as it seems the nurse disinfected the test tube after each use. If you are still worried, I would advise you to get tested just to put your mind at ease. Testing is free and confidential at various centres around Pune. A full list can be found on our website:
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Dr. Punewali

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