HIV transmission not possible through razor blades



Q. hello Dr i had cut two days back at salon is there any chance of infection this way. also wanted to know how long does virus can live on surface of blade? is there any chance of catching hepatitis this way ? or any other infection ? do i need to  test for above incident ?please let me know
thank you. yours faithfully


Thank you for trusting me with you question.

You are at no risk of having contracted HIV. HIV cannot be transmitted by razor blade. Once the HIV virus is outside of the body it cannot survive.
There are 4 only ways HIV can be transmitted; through unprotected sex (vaginal, anal and oral sex), sharing needles, infected blood (such as through a blood transfusion) and mother to child transmission. If you have engaged in any of these activities then it is possible that you may have contracted HIV and should go for a HIV test. Testing is free, simple and confidential and includes pre- and post- counseling if needed. We offer testing at testing at our office (Deep Griha Society, 13 Tadiwala Rd) or at a number of centres around the city of Pune, listed on the Getting Tested page.
Dr Punewali

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